The Goal of Arcadia

Local Food. For the People, By the People.

To GROW good food and good farmers by demonstrating an environmentally and economically sustainable model of agricultural production at the on-site Farms at Arcadia;

To EDUCATE the public about preserving our food traditions and sovereignty, supporting the local farming economy, and the pleasure of healthy eating with fresh, local food at the Arcadia Education Center and Garden;

To NOURISH the community by delivering fresh foods grown and produced on local farms (including the Farms at Arcadia) to schools, nonprofits and families through the Arcadia Food Hub, with a focus on the fair and just distribution of fresh foods to all people, regardless of income or neighborhood.

With a conviction that a fair and sustainable local food system lies in the hands of farmers and eaters, Arcadia will GROW, EDUCATE, and NOURISH a healthier, safer, and more just food culture in the national capitol region. Arcadia will act as the bridge over the widening gap between the rural farmer and the urban eater- a way to assure farmers a fair market, and urban dwellers a traceable, delicious, and affordable source of fresh food. Taking on these large tasks will require ingenuity and dedication, and the community has shown they are ready to stand up for their food and get their hands in the dirt.

For more information, contact Erin Teal Littlestar at erin@arcadiafood.org.

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