Donate now to get our food bus on the road!

While Farmer Mo's been nurturing baby seedlings in greenhouses around town and getting our property at Woodlawn ready for spring planting, I've been running around the city with a flipcam these past few weeks.... With the help of a dedicated group of cinematic wonderwomen, we've managed to pull together one of the most fun 2-minute videos ever. Behold, our Kickstarter campaign video:

Spread the word, eh? I think we can definitely raise well over the $15,000 goal we've set. The sky's the limit, I say!

(Though if this thing goes viral on YouTube I'm going to kick myself for not wearing any make-up that day. I mean, seriously, couldn't SOMEONE have suggested I put on a little lipstick? And my hair. Oh man. My mother is probably shaking her head right now. Actually, Eminem is probably shaking his head, too.)

C'mon, can you think of a better cause than a school bus that brings healthy food around the District? Click here to donate.

If you're in the city tomorrow, come meet the Arcadia team in person during our happy hour event at Churchkey: a donation of $25 or more earns you a complimentary beer. Not that you're in it for the beer. No, you're in it for the free t-shirt. Um, I mean because it's a good cause.

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