Check out my ride

Yes, within about two weeks, Arcadia has gone from no vehicles to two! Here's a pic of Farmer Mo with her snazzy farm truck, Bertha:

Much more practical than a borrowed hatchback for hauling around loads of mulch, compost... a 6'x8' pallet of burlap. (True story.) And stylish, too. Just like Farmer Mo.

And here I am trying to figure out how to shift gears on... um... Bus-To-Be-Named:

Oh, it's an automatic. That explains the lack of a clutch. Riiiight. Love the hum of that engine. Ahhh.... Now time to haul some fresh produce around town. Well, after some major (and, if I do say so myself, pretty darn cool) renovations. More on that in coming weeks.

And speaking of weeks, we are in the FINAL WEEK of our online fundraising campaign. If you haven't donated yet, please do so via our Kickstarter page. We need to raise $15,000 by this Saturday, April 23 or we lose the generous pledges of over $11,000 that we've raised so far and I may not be able to get this bus on the road by June. Please donate. And tell your friends.

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  1. Hi Ibti!

    I am the Editor of a small, artistic, documentary-style zine that shares stories of organizations and individuals doing inspiring and much-needed work in response to the critical social issues of our day, in our city.

    Our next issue is focused on Community Development and I would love to include a write-up on the Arcadia Mobile Market. Congrats on your successful Kickstarter campaign!! We were pulling for you!

    Our last issue was focused on Improving Public Health in DC with a special feature on food deserts in Ward 8.

    Please let me know if we can collaborate on a write-up for the mobile market for this next issue!

    Very best,
    Kate Schmidgall
    kate {at} bittersweetzine.com

    Bittersweet Zine