Chipotle's going local with Arcadia!

We love good burritos here at Arcadia.  But that's not the only reason why we love the popular restaurant Chipotle Mexican Grill.  We've established a wonderful relationship with Chipotle, an organization with a dedication to "Food With Integrity" similar to our own.  Yes, it does includes free burritos (for our volunteers and special events).  But it goes so much farther than that!

Earlier this fall, Chipotle sponsored a DC-area wide fundraiser for Arcadia.  They donated half of all proceeds from burritos sold the evening of September 14th to Arcadia's farm to school programs - a whopping $15,000!  With these funds, we'll be able to expand Arcadia's farm field trips in the spring, and get our Mobile Market out to schools (complete with chef demonstrations and mock-farmers' market activities).

Chipotle also coordinated guacamole demos and film screenings "What's On Your Plate" in four schools during D.C. Farm to School Week in October.  They reached over 400 DC students and families with hand-on food education and community engagement around the issues of nutrition and sustainability. 

I already mentioned the awesome food - our volunteers on the farm take home "burrito bucks" after a hard day's work.  And for our events and activities, you can count on some delicious carnitas tacos or our favorite - the veggie burrito.  And while you're at the farm, check out the Chipotle Salsa Garden - complete with tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, garlic and onions.

Most recently, Chipotle was a top sponsor at the Vices that Made Virginia event, our rollicking fundraiser on the farm on November 6th (recap to come).  They hit the Estate sponsorship level of $5,000, again showing their strong support for Arcadia's mission and programs.

Chipotle, we can't thank you enough.  Your staff are incredible, your hearts are generous, and your values align so closely with Arcadia's own.  We're so excited to continue working with you as our programs grow and flourish! 

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