Snack-time and Social Media Week!

Arcadia was a part of Social Media Week DC. Cat & Andrea from Arcadia’s DC Farm to School Network were part of an event dubbed “Snack-time: Collaboratively improving kids’ nutrition and having some fun along the way.” The event congregated various community leaders in diverse fields such as kids’ nutrition, social media, and technology to work together to get kids more active and healthy.

Andrea was on a panel with Montgomery County Food & Nutrition Services Director Marla Caplon and Kid Power Veggie Time Coordinator Katherine Harvey. They discussed the challenges facing school food service operations when it comes to serving healthy foods to kids, and how social media and hands-on educational experiences could help overcome these challenges.

The most exciting part was that students participated in a variety of healthy eating and exercise stations. Arcadia led a “Thank Your Farmer” card-making activity. After a brief discussion about farming and food, kids were excited and proud to write notes to the farmers who do so much for us. 

Take a look at some of the best:

Apparently one student thought a farmer could use some love as well...

In an increasingly fast-paced world with an ever-changing food system, there are huge opportunities for social media to bring us together and help forge new connections. But we can’t forget the value of sharing experiences, having conversations, and getting our hands dirty!

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