Mid-week Additions to the Mobile Market Spread

Last week, after we wrapped up our market at the Circle 7 Express in Kenilworth-Parkside, our Mobile Market bus headed over to the Brookland Farmers' Market to meet some fellow farmers. Michael from Licking Creek Bend Farm (based in Needmore, PA) had a bunch of delicious vegetables waiting for us to add to our plethora of offerings.

The most exciting addition -- one that was a favorite at our markets for the rest of the week -- was a big box of heirloom tomatoes. These were the first tomatoes we had this season, and many of our customers had been eagerly awaiting their arrival. We also received our first zucchini, and look forward to having different varietals of squash at the Mobile Market as the summer goes on.

Along with the new offerings, Licking Creek Bend Farm had plenty of radishes, scallions and garlic scapes.  The scallions will hopefully tide our customers over until full size onions are in season. Radishes are an unfamiliar root vegetable to some, but they work great as both a baked or mashed dish, or as a lighter addition to a salsa or salad.

As the season goes on and more produce comes into season, we will be carrying an increasingly varied and voluminous supply of farm-fresh foods. Come find us at any of our stops across the city to see what we have! The schedule can be found on here.

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