Arcadia Farm Field Trip (trial run!)

On Saturday Sept. 3rd, we hosted about 25 kids (and lots of parents) out to Arcadia Farm to test our farm field trip program. We're figuring out our field trip protocol in time for our first school groups in a few weeks. Thanks to a number of gracious parents, we had a fun-filled Saturday field trip trial run!

We started with a 5-senses tour of the farm, then everyone got gloves and hats and became "farmers for the day" - we dug, weeded, and pollinated the flowers!

We learned about soil health and compost, plant parts and how plants grow, and farm wildlife - bees!  

Next, we harvested together for the Arcadia Farm salad bar, donated by Whole Foods.

Finally, we learned how to make fresh salsa with Chef Benjamin (aka Arcadia's Mobile Market Manager).  Everyone went through the salad bar and tasted some of Ben's Fresh Salsa with chips and burritos donated by Chipotle.

We all had Chipotle burritos together and discussed what we could do to make our farm field trips even better.  We learned a lot, and are excited to have our first school group out to the farm soon!  

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