Fun Times at Smithsonian Farm to Table Family Day

Arcadia had a super fun day at Farm to Table Family Day at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery this past Sunday. There was an amazing turnout of families throughout the day -- we had nearly 100 families visit our table! It was such an honor to share the beautiful Portrait Gallery atrium with so many great organizations from around DC, including City Blossoms, Washington Youth Garden, Bread for the City, Martha's Table and more!

We had a great time engaging kids in creating cards that we're going to send to local DC farmers. We encouraged each kid to write a personal note to thank their local farmers for growing their favorite veggies for them. (Side note: We were amazed by how many of the kids said their favorite veggie was the oft-maligned brussels sprouts!) We thought it would be a great opportunity to get kids handling different kinds of fresh veggies and to begin to make a connection between the fresh food they eat and the local farmers who grow it.

After they'd written their thank yous on the front, they got messy with our veggie stamps to create some wonderfully colorful cards!

While the kiddos were stamping and doodling away, we had some great conversations with their adult companions, learning about the foods they eat at school and at home, and building some buzz about our programs -- especially our Mobile Market community and school visits upcoming this spring.

We ended up with nearly 50 cards that we'll be sending to local farmers on behalf of our young artists. We know they'll appreciate a little special early spring pick-me-up.

All-in-all, the kids had a great time - and we did too!

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