Healthy Schools Act Snapshot

The D.C. Farm to School Network at Arcadia thinks the Healthy Schools Act is pretty great.  It's a local law passed in 2010 that sets high standards for health and wellness in all Washington, DC public and public charter schools.  We're especially excited about the nutrition and food quality requirements that schools must adhere to, which translate to more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in school meals.  It even gives schools a financial incentive to serve local food!  Learn more about the Healthy Schools Act on our website.

We worked with D.C. Hunger Solutions and a number of other community organizations to pull together a Healthy Schools Act Snapshot for the 2010 school year, which was when the Healthy Schools Act first went into effect.  The document shows how differnt parts of the Act have been implemented thus far, and which areas have the biggest room for improvement.

Check out the Healthy Schools Act Snapshot for yourself how this landmark piece of legislation is overhauling the health of Washington, DC schoolchildren, is working in communities in our nation's capital!

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