A Mobile Market Makeover..

Arcadia’s 28-foot, “Big Bad Green” bus is getting a makeover, beginning with some sanding and taping, and ending with lots of brightly hued paint!

Among other additions, the bus' mural will include a large banner on the passenger's side displaying the text "Arcadia's Mobile Market," with an abundance of colorful veggies underneath. After school students at Bancroft Elementary will also assist the painting of Arcadia’s insignia on the side door, where chef demonstrations will be staged during market visits.  
Here’s Arcadia's Mobile Market Director, Benjamin, putting some elbow grease into sanding the bus.

Other plans for the bus include a fun take on edgy flames, using vines running along the front hood. 

And last, but not least...we would all like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the charitable folks at McCormick Paints in Mount Pleasant and Maaco of College Park for offering Arcadia a hefty discount on acrylic, mural paint and the professional, green paint job, respectively.  Also, many thanks to the kind teachers at Bancroft Elementary for letting us park our bus in their staff parking lot during the three weekends of painting glory. 
We are also very gracious to our sponsors who assisted in funding this operation when it was just a little, green idea:
Kaiser Permanente
Neighborhood Restaurant Group
Whole Foods Market
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Washington's Green Grocer
Wholesome Wave
INOVA Health System
Cummins Power System
Clif Bar Family Foundation
Check back in a few weeks for pictures of the finished product...and look out for the Mobile Market to hit the streets of D.C. this May! 

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