Welcoming the New Growing Season!

It has been a super busy two weeks at Arcadia Farm and I am pleased to say that the first of the spring crops are flourishing! The fields are green with Fava beans, sweet peas, beets, kale, and collards, the new farm interns have are settling in, and I am once again coming home every night covered in dirt. Must be spring!

With the help of Elin, Bonnie, Stephanie, Rachel, and Natalie, our new front field space has been seeded with beets, turnips and potatoes. I am thrilled that we already have sprouts in the new space and I have a good feeling that delicious veggies will flourish!

We've also had the help of Benjamin, our Mobile Market Director preparing the new space in our upper fields. Due to poor drainage, we have to dig a lot of trenches and Ben's spent many days the last week knee deep in the mud with a shovel in hand! It is great to have the whole staff involved in the space that will grow the food to fill the bus!

Now that the season is kicking in to gear, we are going to start regular Saturday and Monday volunteer days on Monday, April 23. Volunteer hours will be from 9am-12pm and you can sign up at volunteer@arcadiafood.org. Also mark your calendars for May 13--the first spring farm dinner at Arcadia Farm!! Featuring Chef Tony Chittum from Vermillion, we will dine on seasonal fare directly from Arcadia and some other farm friends in Virginia.

See you soon!

-Farmer Mo

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