Hi Farm friends,

It is with much sadness and a whole lot of pride for what we have accomplished that I announce I am leaving Arcadia at the end of the 2012 season. I have loved my time with Arcadia and can't believe how much we have done in two years! Where there was once grass, we now have a beautiful, productive space-- a space that preserves the historical integrity of Woodlawn and welcomes the community to embrace and support small-scale sustainable agriculture. I could never have done any of this without the help of countless people and a simple 'thank you' will never be enough. To my interns and volunteers, your help and input is immeasurable. To the staff at NRG, we can't thank you enough for all of your support.

Some of my favorite highlights over the last two years include:
  • The official launch of the Arcadia Mobile Market (great work, Ben!!)
  • Seeing elementary school kids at the farm twice weekly (Andrea and Liz, you are amazing!)
  • The pilot of Arcadia Farm Camp this summer
  • The Farm Dinners and all the help from NRG chefs and staff
  • The first tomato we grew in 2010
  • Walking the field on an early fall morning with coffee in hand
I am going to miss my co-workers insanely, but I will still be involved with Arcadia and not too far
away! I am excited to be moving on to Moutoux Orchards in Loudoun County to manage the veggie farm there. I am excited to continue selling fresh, local produce to the mobile market and host kids for Farm to School week.

I will miss Arcadia and have loved my time here. With an aching back, dirty fingernails and a huge smile, I can't wait to see what Arcadia's future holds and the impact this organization will have on the Chesapeake region.

Thank you to everyone!

-Farmer Mo

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