(Re)Meet Jeremy, Arcadia's newest addition to the Mobile Market team

We're excited to welcome back Jeremy, who was an Arcadia Farm intern last season.  Starting in July, he'll be behind the wheel of our second Mobile Market vehicle.  

What are you most excited about for this position (and returning to Arcadia)?

I'm looking forward to closing the loop on the farm-to-table process; I spent much of last summer interning for Arcadia Farm at Woodlawn, but didn't really get to see where the food went. I'm excited to finally see the connection between the hard work of growing food and how the Mobile Market works to increase food security in low income neighborhoods. I'm also excited about all of the learning opportunities that meeting and working with such a diverse group of customers and staff with afford.

What experiences have prepared you for this position?

After spending a few seasons working on small farms in Virginia and North Carolina, I started interning with Stephen at Arcadia Farm and learning about sustainable farming practices. More recently, I have been working for a DC-based online grocery store that works in a similar way to Arcadia, by way of connecting local farmers and consumers through alternate forms of food distribution.

If you were a vegetable, what would you be?

Asparagus; it takes several seasons to mature, but only last a few weeks each season. When I think of a food best enjoyed seasonally and locally, I think of asparagus.

Which season has the best produce, and why?

Summer, but more specifically, stone fruit season. There is nothing better than sweet peach juice running down your chin.

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