Buses everywhere

You know those people who get their first apartment and start drooling over vintage sofas in shop windows and can't stop talking about furniture? You know those new parents who seem to have some kind of obsession with strollers and seem incapable of walking past one without commenting on it? I think I have that sickness... but for school buses.

Take today, for instance. As I was biking to meet a lovely young woman about helping me to make a video for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, I rolled right past a veritable treasure trove of buses and couldn't help myself....

It's a sickness, yes. Soon I hope to have my own 25-foot bus filled with local, seasonal fruits and veggies. But for now, I'll continue to ogle anything bright yellow with four wheels and a flip-out STOP sign.

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  1. Ibti,

    Are you in the market for a school bus? In my position at DCPS I work with the OSSE-Department of Transportation on a daily basis, I am happy to reach out to them to see what they may have in the depot. Let me know! Becca Newman, becca.newman@gmail.com.