A New Plant Home!

Starting this week, Arcadia's baby plants have found a home and a place to grow!! We are extremely excited about our new collaboration with Phelps High School in Washington, DC! An architecture and engineering training school, Phelps provides hands-on training for their 300 9-11 graders. We will be using their state-of-the-art Micro-
Grow Growmaster greenhouse to start our spring vegetables and provide a beautiful butterfly garden for the school. A group of students will be helpi
ng me in the greenhouse after school on Wednesdays and I hope to have weekly discussions about the tenets of sustainable farming. Who knows, maybe a future farmer is waiting to be discovered at Phelps now!

Starting plants in the greenhouse will be invaluable to ensure a good start at the gardens this spring. Transplanting "teenaged" plants rather than direct s
eeding provides healthier, stronger plants which leads to more vegetables! This also allows us to have an earlier season because we will not need to fret every night about the possibilities of a frost coming through and freezing the plant babies.

Thanks, Phelps Team! You all have been so helpful and we are excited to be working with you!

-Farmer Mo

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