Leave the Bamboo to the Pandas

What to do with all the bamboo? For those of you that don't know, bamboo is not native to the Chesapeake region. Since this invasive species was introduced, it has spread rapidly and widely throughout the region. It grows quickly and thickly, making it an ideal choice for "living walls" and privacy hedges. But.... things can quickly get out of control and it competes with other native species creating a huge nuisance.

An innovative and wonderful urban farmer I know uses dried bamboo as her tomato stakes. I need bamboo stakes for all the delicious heirlooms I will be growing this year. And I know River Farm has a HUGE grove they are trying to combat... Genius! So, I called up my friends at the American Horticulture Society at River Farm and asked if I could cut back some of their pesky weed. Hours of sweat and battle later, I have stockpiled the long, strong, straight stems for when my tomato plants are lush!

While I appreciate the free resource, my advice: Leave the Bamboo to the Pandas.
-Farmer Mo

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