The Crowning of a Queen... or 5.

The bees are in their new home!

I have to admit, I was a little nervous as Jeff from DC Honeybees, poured out large containers of bees in to each hive. They swarmed a bit, but seemed to be too interested in the blooming apple trees surrounding the hives to be too concerned with us!

The most fascinating part was to see the queen arrive in her tiny box "escorted" by nurse bees. She is the essential part of the hive and if she lives through the transition, we may have some happy bees!

The bees will not only provide us with a little honey, but they serve as pollinators for all my vegetable crops and are known to travel and pollinate up to three miles! (you're welcome surrounding trees and flowers!). I'm looking forward to watch them settle in and see the honeycomb form. I just ordered a book on beekeeping to get a little more information. Are there apiary teaching school out there? I may have a new obsession with bees...

All and all, wonderful coronation. Now, what to name them?

-Farmer Mo

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