Learning About Slugs

I'm finishing up my second week interning on the farm and I cannot even express how much I'm loving it and how much I have already learned! Did you know that those slugs that like to munch on tasty greens are hermaphroditic, so any slug can reproduce since it has both male and female parts. This means that controlling slug populations can be pretty difficult. Also, slugs are nocturnal so they typically only come out at night and they hide during the day. SO how do you get rid of these slimy slugs? BEER! It turns out that slugs love beer, you can set traps around your plants with Tupperware containers filled with fresh stout beer, and slugs will basically drink themselves to death. Unfortunately the beer traps we set out at Woodlawn did not have the greatest success. Maybe the beer we used wasn't fresh enough or stout enough, or maybe the Woodlawn slugs just aren't into binge drinking these days.

-Intern Beverly

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