Donate to the Arcadia Farm Camp scholarship fund

When we at Arcadia decided to start a farm camp, I knew that I didn't just want it to be for kids whose families could afford it. Since Arcadia is all about creating a more equitable and sustainable food system, it makes sense that we should try to give all kids the opportunity to learn about where their food comes from.

That's why we created the Arcadia Farm Camp scholarship fund: make Arcadia Farm Camp accessible to young people from low-income households. Just like biodiversity helps make a healthy farm, I believe our farm camp will be enriched by the contributions of all kids.

We also want to give folks who are able the opportunity to contribute to creating a more equitable food system, starting with kids. If you're someone who believes that all kids can benefit from an experience like Arcadia Farm Camp, consider donating to the scholarship fund by visiting the Arcadia Farm Camp website. Your donation will help pay the fees for a child from a low-income household to attend camp this July. Thanks in advance!

If you'd like to apply for a scholarship for your child (or know someone who might), email me (liz@arcadiafood.org) for an application.

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