Strawberries & Salad Greens - May 23rd, 2011!

Mark your calendars folks, because fresh strawberries and salad greens are headed to school cafeterias near you!  On May 23rd, 2012, over 200 schools in all 8 wards of Washington, DC will feature locally-grown berries and greens in their school lunches.  The D.C. Farm to School Network at Arcadia is also helping 50 schools coordinate "Where Food Comes From" tables with visuals to help students understand the farm-to-table process.  They look like this:

We're also working with school gardens all over the city to celebrate the spring harvest.  Hundreds of school stakeholders will be involved in this city-wide event.  We'll need volunteers to help out, too!  Learn more and get involved at www.strawberries-salad.blogspot.com.

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