Volunteer opportunity with kids, food & nutrition!

Who doesn't love teaching kids about where our food comes from and how to make healthy choices?  On Wednesday May 23rd, students across the DC will see fresh, locally-grown strawberries and salad greens in their school meals as part of a city-wide event called "Strawberries & Salad Greens." Arcadia's D.C. Farm to School Network is coordinating the event, in partnership with D.C. Public Schools and Whole Foods Markets.  

We need your help!

We're looking for passionate, enthusiastic volunteers to engage students at educational tables in their school cafeterias on May 23rd.  At lunch, students will grab their fresh berries and greens from the lunch line.  Then, volunteers will show students how the food on their trays came from nearby farms using visuals like plants, seeds, maps, seasonality charts and more.  We promise it'll be the best extended lunch break you ever take.

Learn more about the event and what's involved here and email ERIN @ DCFARMTOSCHOOL . ORG to sign up!  

“The looks of wonder and contemplation were hands down the most rewarding part of the experience!” – Catherine, Volunteer

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