First field trip of the spring!

Students from the Lab School of Washington kicked off our spring field trip season last week.

We focused on learning about what makes a farm sustainable - for example, avoiding pesticides and using crop rotation - and we heard some great questions like: What crops need to be pollinated by honeybees? (Some estimates say one-third of the food we eat depends on pollination by bees!)

Our new natural playspace was a hit, and so was the sorrel we included in the taste test activity. Who knew something green could taste like Sour Patch Kids?

We also debuted a lesson about chickens, with a special guest appearance by our new feathered friends. Although most students already knew that chickens lay eggs, they learned about the important role that chicken manure will play in fertilizing our crops.

We're still looking for some donations of healthy snacks for field trips - all that talk about food makes our young visitors hungry way before lunchtime! Leave a comment if you know someone who might want to make an in-kind donation to our field trip program.

We've got a packed field trip schedule for the rest of the school year, so stay tuned to our blog for more updates!

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