Field trip update: Eight great quotes from our spring season so far

It's true what they say: kids really do say the darndest things. After the students leave, our field trip staff absolutely loves trading stories about the quotable kids they worked with that day.

After hosting groups from the Lab School, EW Stokes School, Whittier Elementary, and Thomson Elementary over the past few weeks, we thought we'd share some with you:

  • “That’s what my dad says. We should have more dirt in our diet.”
  • We asked for kids to suggest names for our new chickens, and some of the suggestions included: “Yo beautiful!” “Max!” “Blacksmith!” “John!”
  • “When worms do their business, it makes the plants happy.”
  • “Can we pick a ladybug and keep it?”
  • After tasting a freshly-harvested spinach leaf, one student remarks: “It tastes so much greener.”
  • “I want to be a farmer. It’s fun.”
  • We're talking about trap crops, one of the natural pest control methods we use on the farm and one response is “People are hearing and they’re gonna tell the caterpillars.”
  • “I never want to leave here."

Thanks to our friend Professor Amy Best from George Mason University, who recorded these gems during her field trip observations.

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