Field trip update: Five spring highlights

With field trip season well underway, we're welcoming as many as 100 kids to Arcadia Farm every week. Although countless great things happen during every trip, here are a few highlights.

1. Since we've got an awesome team of dedicated staff and volunteers, we're able to facilitate hands-on learning in small groups about soil, plants, pollination, nutrition, and more. Although we're hosting larger groups this spring, we're still providing individualized attention and a welcoming atmosphere.

Many thanks go out to our stellar group of staff and volunteers for all their hard work!

2. When we first started the field trip program last fall, many teachers from DC schools told us they'd like to come, but that buses were simply too expensive for the trip. So this spring, we offered eight transportation scholarships that allowed qualifying schools (schools with 75% or more students who receive Free and Reduced Meals) to join us for a day on the farm. We're really excited to be able to make the experience accessible to as many students as possible.

3. Now that our beets are getting ready to harvest, most of the food that our visitors eat from the salad bar is fresh from the farm! We've already been eating plenty of greens and radishes and we've got sugar snap peas and carrots on the way!
4. Our experiences with teachers who come to the farm have been wonderful. Not only do these teachers go the extra mile by taking their classes on the trip, but we have also been consistently impressed with the compassionate way they deal with their students.

5. The only thing better than a great field trip is the chance to remember it through great photos. Thanks to Arcadia super volunteer Kathy Brown for donating her time and skills to capture our farm field trips!

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