Mobile Market School Visits are in Full Swing!

When Arcadia's Mobile Market rumbled into the parking lot of Ferebee Hope Elementary, early on a Tuesday morning, we officially marked the debut of our Mobile Market educational school visits.  The visits will roll out in 10 schools throughout DC this spring.

Throughout the first day at Ferebee, more than 120 students ranging from kindergarten through 5th grade visited the Mobile Market, taking part in interactive activities hosted by Farmer Ben and Chef Tom, who demonstrated the seasonality of DC's local food system, discussed the benefits of choosing fresh and local food from farmers markets, engaged the kids in a market simulation, and provided a cooking demonstration and taste test.

We are gathering some great feedback from our pilot visits, both by observing what the students respond to in our lessons, and thanks to generous feedback from the DCPS teachers who've been captive observers of our rogue band of educational interlopers!

We're planning on engaging more than 1000 k-8 students this spring in our Arcadia Mobile Market school visit pilot phase, and are planning on more success next school year as well!


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