The Mobile Market is ready to roll!

After several months of sanding, priming, painting, and sealing, Arcadia's Mobile Market has finally gotten a proper makeover! 

Having painted many surfaces in my life, a 28-foot school bus was definitely a first.  Needless to say, this process has been a learning experience.  For instance, I now know that acrylic primer dries very fast when applied to metal in 85-degree, sunny weather!  

I also learned the importance of volunteers.  A million "Thank Yous" to both new and longstanding friends who sacrificed their precious weekend time to come out and help paint. You all rock!

A huge shout out also goes to Bancroft Elementary, who let us park our “Big Bad Green” bus in their students’ school yard! Many children stopped to say hello, and a few even contributed their designs for the bus.

The early stages of painting: Priming and Designing
The finished mural on the driver's side
Painting the Mobile Market was a lengthy project, and I definitely would have talked to myself to pass the time far more frequently if it wasn’t for Benjamin, the Mobile Market Director, who would volunteer to do the laborious tasks “no one else wants.”  Thanks, Ben!

I would also like to thank McCormick Paints for lots of helpful advice and supplying our materials at a discounted price!

All told, I am pleased with the final product, particularly since this project will be used to excite kids about eating veggies!   

To that end, the Mobile Market launched its weekly, educational school visits this Tuesday, to much success!

Check out the Mobile Market’s weekly schedule and route, and read our blog post to learn more about its programming and services!

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