Hot off the Presses

In case you missed it... yesterday Arcadia was featured in the Washington Post Food Section! We loved how the piece came out. Read it and let us know what you think!

We had such a fantastic time with Post writer Kristen Hinman showing her around Woodlawn and giving her the grand vision for Arcadia. Giving interviews can sometime be nerve wracking, because you can never be sure what they'll say about you, but we felt Kristen captured the spirit of Arcadia and truly understands our mission.

Thanks to everyone who sent congratulations and offers to volunteer our way! Even as I watch the snow come down outside our office window, I am looking forward to March when we will need everyone's hands in the dirt to get the soil tilled and seeds planted!

In the meantime, look out for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign in January to get the wheels rolling on our Mobile Fresh Market... literally! We have BIG plans for helping local farms thrive while eliminating food deserts in DC. Ambitious? Absolutely. But with the community behind us, we know a change is gonna come.



Discovery Creates Change for Arcadia

How lucky we are to be chosen as one of the non-profits for Discovery's Creating Change: Discovery Impact!

Erin and I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Discovery Communications 'Creating Change' workshops, their first pro-bono creative initiative, utilizing the power of our employee workforce to fulfill design, marketing and communications work on behalf of local nonprofit organizations. Our team had innovative and thoughtful ideas and it was incredibly encouraging to hear their enthusiasm about Arcadia. And, to boot, they convinced one VERY reluctant farmer to join Twitter (@ArcadiaFarmer). I guess it's time I get with the times.

Watch our amazing team hard at work below! For the full article, click HERE


Meeting the Chefs

What an exciting week for farm plans! I had the privilege of meeting with all the amazingly talented NRG chefs to discuss the types of things they would like to see on the farm. From elderflower to arugula, the chefs were full of insight and great ideas. I have to say, as an amateur chef in my own kitchen, it was intimidating to be with people who can turn basic farm produce in to stunning and complex culinary delights. I can't wait to be their farmer and I am sincerely excited to work with all the NRG chefs.
I look forward to the spring and meeting more of the NRG restaurant staff (I, myself, was a server for almost a decade!). I hope they will enjoy the farm as their space and see how different a meal can be when the plants are grown in a healthy, positive, love-filled place. Now, to finish my planting plan and volunteer schedule....