A HUGE thanks to Whole Foods!

I am overwhelmed with the response from our 5% day sponsorship from Whole Foods last week! I want to thank all those involved, all the team leaders, and all the employees of Whole Foods for their coordination and supporting our cause!

With the funds we raised, I will be able to get the summer field prepped for amazing tomatoes and eggplants, I will get to build a season-extension hoophouse, and (i hope!) DUCKS!

A special thanks to the Alexandria store for sending me this great video and another huge thanks to David from Vermillion for making delicious sweet pea soup!

-Farmer Mo



Shop at any DC-region Whole Foods today and 5% of your total will go to Arcadia Farms and the Mobile Market Project! We can really use your help, so stock up on groceries now! Stop by the Alexandria store for a Vermillion chef demo, or go see Kyle from Birch and Barley at P Street. We're also at Tenleytown, Arlington and Georgetown!

See you soon! -Farmer Mo


Check out my ride

Yes, within about two weeks, Arcadia has gone from no vehicles to two! Here's a pic of Farmer Mo with her snazzy farm truck, Bertha:

Much more practical than a borrowed hatchback for hauling around loads of mulch, compost... a 6'x8' pallet of burlap. (True story.) And stylish, too. Just like Farmer Mo.

And here I am trying to figure out how to shift gears on... um... Bus-To-Be-Named:

Oh, it's an automatic. That explains the lack of a clutch. Riiiight. Love the hum of that engine. Ahhh.... Now time to haul some fresh produce around town. Well, after some major (and, if I do say so myself, pretty darn cool) renovations. More on that in coming weeks.

And speaking of weeks, we are in the FINAL WEEK of our online fundraising campaign. If you haven't donated yet, please do so via our Kickstarter page. We need to raise $15,000 by this Saturday, April 23 or we lose the generous pledges of over $11,000 that we've raised so far and I may not be able to get this bus on the road by June. Please donate. And tell your friends.


Our apologies for the long absence in updates! I have been a busy lady on the farm!

Look for all our exciting updates this week-- but, to give you a taste....

Ibti bought a bus, we have greens galore, the bees arrived and new articles to share! News soon!


Spring is Here

Tomatoes in the greenhouse!

Pea shoots have sprouted!

The first seedlings go in at the farm!