Become a Farm Education Intern or Volunteer this Fall!

Our interns and volunteers are an essential part of the Arcadia family. We love the energy and talents they bring to the farm, and they're involved in all aspects of our small operation. 

We have two positions within the Farm Education Programs that are open for the fall. The Farm Education Interns and Farm Education Volunteers are vital to the continued success of the Field Trip program. 

The Arcadia Farm Field Trip program helps students make the connection that healthy, fresh food comes from the earth. It also familiarizes students with new fruits and vegetables that grow near Washington, DC, so that they will be more likely to eat those healthy foods when they see them in the cafeteria or at home.

Our fall Farm Education Interns play an integral role in our Farm Field Trip program and Farm to School initiatives. Interns gain important skills and knowledge that help prepare them for careers in sustainable agriculture, outdoor education, nutrition, nonprofit management, and more. Interns commit to two days from 9:00am to 2:30pm each week from Sept 9 to Nov 15. Deadline to apply has been extended to August 31.

We also have openings for Farm Education Volunteers. As a part of the Educators team, they provide instruction during Field Trips. We provide Field Trip specific training as well as work days on the Farm to learn more about sustainable agriculture. Volunteers commit to one Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from 9:00am to 2:30pm each week from Sept 16 to Nov 8. Deadline to apply is September 4.


Helping kids discover where their food comes from is quite magical. Experience that splendor for yourself and become a Farm Education Intern or Volunteer this fall. Follow the links to see full job descriptions and how to apply.


Partner Spotlight - Common Good City Farm

Nestled into the Western side of LeDroit Park near Howard University is Common Good City Farm, a half-acre garden that couples education outreach with food production. A non-profit, their mission is to increase food access for low-income DC residents and to provide training in production, sustainability, and nutrition. With rows of vegetable beds alongside fruit trees and herb plants, the farm is visibly and tangibly achieving these goals.

Common Good is the epitome of an urban garden

Much like Arcadia, Common Good is committed to providing an affordable and sustainable alternative to the conventional food system. Many of their efforts are focused on encouraging active citizenship across all age groups. One of their ongoing programs is the Summer Youth Program -- a six-week session that employs high school age students, teaching them about farming, the environment, and life skills.

The number of beds contained in the small space is impressive

We are thrilled to bring our Mobile Market to LeDroit Park every week in partnership with Common Good, where their food can be sold on a hyper-local level to our customers.  Red Russian Kale and Swiss Chard are some of our customers' favorites out of Common Good's garden.

Ben harvests some of Common Good's herbs

From the first time I set foot inside Common Good's gates, I knew that it was a special place. With vibrant and disparate communities surrounding the park, a garden is the perfect place for people of all walks of life to congregate and work side by side. As the plants grow, so do the connections to the area's residents. The result is a beautiful garden that always has an array of smiling faces amongst the beds. 

The business from both our Wednesday 4-7pm Mobile Market stop at LeDroit park and our two earlier market stops that day often leaves us sold out of some products, so we are always thankful that Common Good is there to help replenish our stock.

The beloved leafy greens

We are proud to be associated with the great work that Common Good does, and thankful that we get to visit their site on a weekly basis!  Be sure to stop by the garden the next time you're filling your market basket at our LeDroit Park Mobile Market stop.