Meet JuJu: Mobile Market Nutrition and Outreach Coordinator

With market season just around the corner, it's time to introduce the newest addition to the Arcadia Team, JuJu Harris. JuJu's job is to lead cooking demonstrations and assist with the food assistance outreach during Mobile Market stops.

JuJu planting potatoes at Arcadia Farm


What are you most excited about for this position?

I firmly believe that healthy food can be easily and inexpensively prepared. Creating delicious, nutritious meals from few ingredients and on a budget is my specialty. I love doing cooking demos and sharing ways to use what's on hand is a real joy for me. I'm also excited that the Mobile Market will accept EBT, WIC and Senior Checks so that more folks can have access to this service.

What is the coolest project you'll be working on?

How cool is it to take food directly to the people? I love the idea of rolling up with a busload of wonderful produce, ready to share a lovely dish and hopefully see the same clients week after week. The big green bus rocks, and I'm looking forward to riding around spreading the gospel of healthy eating in DC.

What experiences have prepared you for this position?

I've been a gardener for 25 years, and have eaten food for 47 (haha!). In the past I've done cooking demos at the Anacostia Farmer's Market, have been a guest chef at the Washington Youth Garden, and have held Cook Days at my homes and taught my friends how to make new dishes while our kids played outside. I've also been both a WIC and EBT recipient, and honed my budgeting and meal planning skills so that I could continue to produce healthy meals for my family on a limited income. I understand first hand the stress that of having a lower-income, and realize that folks make poor food choices because they either lack knowledge of better alternatives, are fearful of trying something new, have limited financial resources with which to purchase food, or do not have access to healthier groceries.

If you were a vegetable, what would you be?

I'd be a tomato, because I like to live "juicy," that is, I love to soak up the sun and most folks are happy to see me arrive because I give good "flavor" to the scene.

Ok, technically, a tomato is not a vegetable, so if I have to choose a real one, I'd be Kale because I have a "crunchy" vibe. Or maybe a Calabaza squash since orange is my favorite color.

Which season has the best produce, and why?

Summer is definitely my favorite season for produce due to the abundance of tomatoes, squash, luscious fruit, and yum, peaches, the best food in the world.


We're excited to have such a passionate, committed, and knowledgeable addition to the team!

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